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HaGibor Issues 1 & 2 Trial subscription – FREE SHIPPING


Dip your toes into the world of Achdut Entertainment with this special, 2 issue trial subscription WITH FREE SHIPPING!!! 

Issue 1 ships in April, 2019

HaGibor #1 – Enter a new world of Kosher entertainment with HaGibor! As eighth grader Aryeh Rosen struggles with one of his greatest foes…his alarm clock!!!

What connects Aryeh with an ancient story from the days of the first temple?

Who is the Chacham Chinom, and what’s his connection to Aryeh’s rebbe, Rav Markowitz?

What sleeps under the Kotel, as is about to awake, opening a door that will change the world  forever?

Issue 2 ships in May, 2019

HaGibor #2 –  In the crumbling rubble of a devastated earth, the Chacham Chinom and his master are triumphant.

But Rav Markowitz may have one last desperate surprise for them.

And where is Aryeh? As he meets a new friend and comes to a very important decision.

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