The Kashrut committee for culture and entertainment provide hashkafic certification, assuring all items covered by which reflect the moral positions and worldview of mainstream Torah Judaism.  The committee is formed by a broad base of luminaries from across the Torah world, all of whom are Torah observant, shomer Shabbat/shomer Mitzvot individuals.

If you would like Comic-K certification for your book, comic, play or other media form, or have any general inquiries, then please email us at – or contact any committee members for any specific product listed below directly.

HaGibor Issues 1-3

We, the undersigned have reviewed Issues 1-3 of HaGibor – and in our opinions feel it contains appropriate material for approximate Bar/Bat Mitzvah age children and up, broadly fitting into the guidelines of what would be PG-13. The concepts reflected within are born from and support a mainstream orthodox Torah worldview.

Rabbi Yochanan Bechoffer –